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what happens in vegas, ain't stayin' in vegas!

I made it back from the WPPI 2010 Convention in Las Vegas in one piece… BARELY!! It was such an awesome experience and because of it I feel like I have so much stuff I want to do to incorporate into the business and absolutely no time to do it, AH!

While we were there, DJ, Alecks, Justin, and I competed in a scavenger hunt along with 71 other teams of 4 from around the globe for a slew of awesome prizes.  We were one team of only 13 to complete all 12 clues/tasks and submit our images/video before the deadline!  Although the scavenger hunt took up A LOT of our time while we were there, we all had a great time trying to think of fun and creative ideas for our images.

The judging was revealed today and we got 2nd place overall with only a 5 point spread between first and third places out of a total of 368 points, SOO CLOSE!!  We were stoked (…yet sad we didn’t get first because first place was an AMAZING prize package, insert sad face here) but super stoked to get a bunch of free swag from some awesome companies.

Check out our submission below and let me know what you think!?  It should make for a good laugh or two!

If you want to see all the images at your own pace, in higher resolution, and in more detail… here is a slideshow where you can scroll picture by picture and check it out.

All-in-all I can’t wait to attend next year and since the registration for WPPI 2011 was part of the second place prize package I’m half way there!

If you want to see the rest of the entries, visit the Finao Facebook Fan Page and have a look.   It’s definitely worth at least watching the 1st place and 3rd place videos to see the difference that each team had in mind for their final product.  Very cool and congratulations to them for placing as well!!

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