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Westworld | Halloween 2017

Halloween is kind of our thing and we usually go all out. Westworld is one of our favorite TV shows and since my parents have a mini western town they’ve been building for the past few years it was the perfect spot for a party! After a few long weeks of decorating, lighting, and home depot trips we were ready to go. Below are a few of my favorite photos for you to look through. Enjoy :)

Unfortunately this is the only photo I got inside the church before getting distracted… squirrel! It was my favorite part and super creepy and I’m pretty bummed I didn’t get more photos. Oh well.

Yours truly and his Mrs.

A wild game of poker where everyone ends up full of lead.

Downtime at the campfire.

My Dad with his replica calvary civil war garb and real battle sword.

Luckily nobody locked themselves in the jail (although maybe a few should have, lol) because there’s no key.

Ain’t no ghost town complete without a full size horse, creepy doctors buggy, and 60′ windmill.

The photobooth is always a hit! We used an authentic 1800’s canvas covered wagon (from Oregon) as the backdrop with a few accessories they likely had on the trail. Funnest part is going through the hundreds of photos afterwards!

These violent delights have violent ends.

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