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My New Office Space

Creative Photographer Office Design (1)

This is it. This is officially my full time office. As of last month I’ve moved on from my 9 years working as a Civil Engineer at a wonderful engineering firm here in Fresno, Provost & Pritchard. My photography business has always been a “side job” to engineering and it wasn’t until this last year or so that I truly had a desire to make it a career. I’ve always put a priority on providing the best service I could offer to my clients and because of that 90%+ of all my work comes from word of mouth. It’s because of all you beautiful people that I’m able to take this step leap! Thank you.

So what now? You’ll be seeing a lot more photos on Facebook, Instagram, and the blog you’re reading now. I have images from almost 2 years ago that have never been shared because I’ve simply not had the time to do so, aye!! This also means it’s time to step up my photography workload. I have quite a bit already ahead of me but I’m looking to take on some additional weddings per year as well as expand to additional corporate and commercial clients. If you know of anyone that is in need of a photographer, please send them my way!

I’m nervous about taking this step but really excited to get started and see where this path takes me. With some generous help from all of you my goal is to turn what used to be a fun hobby (which I still LOVE doing) into a fulfilling career. Thank you again for all of your continued support.

Here’s a sneak peek at my office space where the work happens after I take the photo.

Creative Photographer Office Design (3)

Creative Photographer Office Design (4)

The desk and shelving I built myself using mostly recycled materials. Sometimes if you want something specific that fits just right in your space you gotta do it yourself.

Creative Photographer Office Design (5)

Creative Photographer Office Design (12)

Creative Photographer Office Design (10)

My wife and I made the artwork on the left side of the photo below. It’s a 3’x4′ piece of plywood with a vinyl decal of an acrylic/watercolor painting by Craww based in the UK. I’ve always loved his work and wanted a BIG piece to fill up the wall but since we couldn’t afford an original this will do.

Creative Photographer Office Design (6)

My Grandpa’s guitar is never far away in case I just can’t take anymore of staring at a computer screen anymore.

Creative Photographer Office Design (7)

My trusty Mamiya 645 medium format film camera. I love shooting with film occasionally and especially this camera because EVERYTHING is manual, it forces you to slow down and really think and visualize the final frame before pressing the shutter. Then you have to wait… wait until you take the film to get processed before you can see your image. It’s a much different form of shooting that I hope will never become outdated.

Creative Photographer Office Design (11)

Creative Photographer Office Design (8)

Don’t get fooled, my desk is rarely ever this clean!

Creative Photographer Office Design (9)

That’s all folks. Thank you for taking the time to come along with me on this new path I’ve chosen. Cheers to you!

Creative Photographer Office Design (2)

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